Monday, October 31, 2011


You can thank my friend, Wendy, for this late night attempt at checking in. while I've hadd access for days, i did not have the computer skills to put it to use. i could torture you all wading through those issues but since my access time for any form of blogging is limited, I beter save that for another day if I'm going to get anything posted about my condition.

My surgery turned out to be a nghtmare for my surgeon and team with the extensive amount of ahesions found. Nothing routine or boring in a procedure that gets the heartrate of the senior surgeon up and his fear kicked into action. With desciptions of "drying bowels" and "frantically searching," the realization of what my poor body had survived caused flashbacks of recent TV episodes to provide me with a picture I would probably have been better without.

Regardles of gruesomeness of the content of such visions, I now understand what kind of recovery this would be. The extent of the adhenions suggests I am vulnerable to such occurences and maybe even to the degree I feel pain.
A very scary thought for me.

Currently things seem to be stabalizing. My pain is resisting management but I think we have it finally figured out. Maybe I should say they appear to be turning around.

Horses still give me something to move beyond the pain. Internet access has been a welcome way to visit with my herd and away from the confines of this place. It may not be real time and I may not have access to other blogs but it is an important contact nonetheless to fight the loneliness that comes with such a stay. Each comment a gift from a friend to get me though this mess.

Hug all your ponies and kiss your dogs and cats for me. I miss hearing of them all, as I miss my visits with you. Despite another hard road, things are on the mend. I may be a "tough old bird" but it's getting me through. I can't help but have visions of cartoons flashing as I walk the halls. Maybe someday I'll share that dark humor with you.


  1. Thank you for the update. It is amazing that you can manage this considering what you have been through. Gentle cyber hugs and prayers your way. I think about you a lot.

  2. We'll keep praying for you. You've been through so much. I want you back on your feet and out in the barn. Praying that is where you'll be soon.

  3. I'm amazed you can write at all. Rest up and get well. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. You may be a 'tough old bird' but when have any of us ever known things to be easy going when we want something badly? You have certinly fought a good fight all this way, (getting the horses, getting to where you are with them, the lawsuit, etc.) and I may only speak for myself when I say- knowing you, you aren't one to just roll over and give up. Not easily anyways and not without some kind of fight.

    Hang tough there girl. It may be a bumpy road, but it sounds like your doctors have been down it before and know how to navigate.

  5. Still praying for your full recovery!

  6. The ponies will be getting hugs from you tonight. As much as it sounds strange, find something to make you laugh each day. The enzymes released by the brain during laughter can help your emotional state which affects healing.

  7. Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you, praying for you and wishing and hoping you are doing better each day.